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Mental Illness Ask Twice

Mental Illness

Mental Illness Ask Twice

It sounds a bit bizarre doesn’t it, ask twice? I mean, why can’t folks simply be sincere and let you know the first time?

I’m in fact, speaking about asking how someone’s doing. Does that clear things up? Didn’t suppose so!

The issue with so many of us, particularly with the British, we’re not the most effective at speaking about these bizarre, intangible issues that we call feelings. They’re awkward and may take us right into a conversation that could be a bit difficult, as it’d result in… you already know… discussions about issues that may well make us uncomfortable. The thing is, this approach is broken and it’s causing people pain.

The traditional statistic is that 1 in four of us will suffer a psychological health problem this year alone – and that’s simply the official statistics. There’s quite a lot of thinking, however, that claims whether or not diagnosed or undiagnosed, we’re more likely to all experience a psychological health problem at some point in our lives.

The scary factor, however, is that there’s an enormous proportion of people that “don’t believe in mental illness”

And use phrases akin to “man up”, “pull yourself together”, “simply get some fresh air” or my personal favorite, “have you ever tried just being happy?”. Because of this sort of person, those of us who want somebody to speak to usually really feel scared that if we share with someone, we’ll end up being belittled, disbelieved and shunned – and that basically doesn’t help when you suffer from issues around rejection, or even believing that you have an illness.

Ask twice is a simple thing we can all do to break through the mask that people with mental illness put on to cover what they’re actually feeling because they don’t really feel they’re “allowed” to share, and in the event that they do, they’re prone to being told they’re making it up. Asking twice permits us to choose to take off the masks, since you’ve shown you’re just about capable of seeing through it anyway, and also you want to listen to what we’ve to say.

This 12 months, it might be nice if everybody got behind Time to Change’s fantastic campaign to try to get people to ask twice – something that just sounds so easy, but it brings so much meaning and help to everybody.

For now, shine bright, and remember to ask twice.

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