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Psychological Treatments

Psychological treatments for depression



Psychological treatments (also known as talking therapies) can
help you change your thinking patterns and improve your coping
skills so you’re better equipped to deal with life’s stresses
and conflicts. As well as supporting your recovery,
psychological therapies can also help you stay well by
identifying and changing unhelpful thoughts and behaviour.

There are several types of effective psychological treatments
for depression, as well as
different delivery options. Some people prefer to work one on
one with a professional, while others
get more out of a group environment. A growing number of online
programs, or e-therapies, are also available. 

Cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT)

CBT is a structured psychological treatment which recognises
that the way we think (cognition) and act (behaviour) affects
the way we feel. CBT is one of the most effective treatments
for depression, and has been found to be useful for a wide
range of ages, including children, adolescents, adults and
older people. 

CBT involves working with a professional (therapist) to
identify thought and behaviour patterns that are either making
you more likely to become depressed, or stopping you from
getting better when you’re experiencing depression.

It works to change your thoughts and behaviour by teaching you
to think rationally about common difficulties, helping you to
shift negative or unhelpful thought patterns and reactions to a
more realistic, positive and problem-solving approach.

CBT is also well-suited to being delivered electronically
(often called e-therapies).

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